What is an Antenna Array?

In the Telecommunication world, there is a lot of industry jargon that is typically used. Launch 3 Telecom is having a definition series to help our audience get a thorough understanding of the terminology in telecom to better appreciate and comprehend the world of Telecommunications.antenna_array

Antenna Arrays are sets of antennas paired on the tops of towers. The reason for having multiple antennas receiving the same information is because when antennas are facing certain directions, some of the information can be canceled out due to static and other factors that influence antenna reception. With multiple antennas facing the same direction, this problem is avoided because antennas have more gain when receiving information together. Antenna gain (simply put) is the extent to which an antenna can directly project and receive information. Antenna gain is measured in decibels.  Antenna Arrays can have anywhere from two antennas to thousands of antennas like the AN/FPS-85 Phased Array Radar Facility operated by U. S. Air Force. Telecom towers generally have antenna arrays grouped in threes; two for receiving information and one for broadcasting.

An antenna’s efficiency depends not only on how many decibels of gain it has but also on the angle, direction and weight of the antenna. The most efficient antennas are those that are angled at 90 degrees. However, if an antenna is 45 degrees off in any direction, the antennas will not have the ability to project or receive signals. An antenna’s shape and weight give it the ability to cancel out “bad” waves and be more receptive of desirable waves.

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