Three’s Company Enhances Network Coverage

three logoWhile everyone is looking forward to summer, Hutchison-owned mobile operator, Three, is even more excited for fall 2015.  In April, the company announced its new low-frequency 800MHz spectrum and VoLTE technology for its rural customers and MVNOs.  This technological enhancement on Three’s network equipment will bring higher quality voice calls to a wider range of rural areas.  Customers are very excited for these positive changes come September 2015.

The 800MHz spectrum is a lower frequency that Three’s current 1800MHz setup.  So why lessen the frequency?  Yes, the higher frequency offers better capacity, but it is limiting the range of Three’s network coverage and ability to reach through walls. By switching to the 800MHz spectrum, they are increasing the range of the coverage to better reach customers in rural areas.  This low-frequency band option also saves money.

Three is also rolling out new VoLTE technology in order to enhance call quality when using handsets for all 4G and Wi-Fi connections.  The use of VoLTE will also allow data applications to be running while on a phone call, supporting the multi-tasking culture of our country today.  This feature will be support on all the new models of iPhone and Samsung smartphone devices.  The CTO of Three, Brin Jones, stated “With roaming at no extra cost also available in 18 destinations, Three is doing more than any other network to give our customers a reliable, quality experience wherever they are.”

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