The Road to MTC

MTCWhile technology has advanced excrementally in the past few decades, some may say we are just on the cusp of a technology evolution. There are glimpses of it today – smart phones and tablets used in a variety of ways, both professionally and leisurely. From adjusting the temperature of a house or starting a car, to monitoring a patient’s heartbeat or controlling unmanned aircrafts that deliver food and supplies to those in need, technology is becoming ever more reliable in helping people easily manage appliances and services in and outside of their home.

Eventually, many appliances will be connected with one another, creating a machine type communications (MTC) environment, paving the way for smart-homes and smart-cities. Public transportation will be alerted of delays or traffic within minutes by communication between vehicles and terminals. MTC would also be immensely beneficial for many industries, such as agriculture or infrastructure, as workers will be able to control heavy machinery from long distances with handheld devices, ideal in hazardous conditions like chemical spills.

The only way to achieve the potential of MTC is through the creation and implementation of 5G networks. Currently many leading telecommunications companies are taking the lead in just that, including Nokia, Ericcson and Huawei. These companies are working to increase the speed of network infrastructures as well as decrease the latency rates between machines. Because the network connections in MTC is dependable on the devices staying constantly connected, 5G networks will bring greater reliability and larger capacity to transfer data and services.

Most of these companies have a timeline for 5G availability targeted for around 2020. Till then, companies will be updating their hardware and software capabilities in order to make the network more reliable in handling an increase in usage by businesses and consumers. Huawei has already anticipated this change with the production and distribution of small cells, as well as partnering with the European Union in the development of 5G.

The world is becoming more and more connected every day, whether it’s person to person or person to machine. These advancements in technology will allow people and devices to be even more connected than ever before, providing useful information and accessibility to previously uncharted territory.

As 5G continues to be developed by companies like Ericsson, Nokia, and Huawei, Launch 3 is eagerly awaiting the chance to offer 5G network hardware and installation services to their customers. If interested in buying or selling network equipment or services, please contact Launch 3 Telecom at 877-878-9134, or email us at