Sprint Violates Patent Agreement

Sprint has been found guilty of violating two U.S. patents that were held by Prism Technologies. The patents were used during the rollout of their “Simply Everything” and “Everything Data” plans. The Nebraska Court’s decision will cost Sprint a total of $30 million.

The charge against Sprint is that they violated 2 U.S. patents. These patents demonstrate methods for “managing access to protected computer resources.”

Needless to say, both sides had a very different reaction to the ruling. Prism is satisfied with preserving their patent relating to computer security. They have certainly not allowed themselves to be bullied by major carriers. Prism has active cases against T-Mobile, Verizon, and U.S. Cellular. In addition, they settled a lawsuit with AT&T in 2014. Other companies such as Adobe, Microsoft, Blackberry, and Bank of American have licensed Prism’s patented technology.

According to Prism Technologies’ president Greg Duman, “We appreciate the jury’s hard work and their attention to the evidence. We believe the damage award is further validation of the significant value of our inventions covered by the ‘155 and ‘345 patents.”

Meanwhile, carriers are displeased with situation that has unfolded. Many would consider what Prism is doing as being a “Patent Troll” since they do not make products of their own. Although Sprint lost their case, they are not giving up that easily. They intend to fight the ruling with post-trial motions.

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