RFS Rolls out New RF X-TREME Antennas

rfsRadio Frequency Systems, a global wireless and broadcast infrastructure company, has recently released new antenna models. These new ultra-broadband RF X-TREME antennas include the APXVBLL20X-C and the APXVBLL20X-C-I20, both offering triple-band site upgrades.  Both models of the RF X-TREME improve cell interference issues in high traffic locations and can provide services for a wide variety of bands.

How do these antennas work?  By being placed next to each other, these three full-band antennas provide extensive coverage on each port, allowing the antennas to use 4xRx and 4xMIMO on higher frequency bands, meaning fewer base stations. This BLL antenna system will provide you with higher capacity and a more sleek structure. Due to its condensed and smoother build, wind and tower loading is lessened. These antennas also have variable electrical downtilt, which allows for more accurate control of intercell interference.  Both models of the RF X-TREME antennas provide integrated RET, manual overdrive, and tilt indicator.

RFS’s global product manager, Arnaud Baron, stated “Our RF X-TREME antennas are the natural choice when migrating from legacy dual-band. The new BLL models’ architecture delivers some of the best gains in the market, allowing better performance even in dense urban markets.”

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