Product Profile for Ciena CN4200


The Ciena CN 4200 is a multiservice aggregation and transport solution for consolidating services such as 10 Mb/s to 10G Ethernet, SONET/SDH, storage and video. It was made with the ability to improve WDM transport with integrated switching and service management. Furthermore, these functions address all commercial application transport requirements over a single network with carrier-grade dependability. It offers a standard technology platform to meet requirements ranging from small business sites to the largest data centers.

There is an abundance of benefits associated with this product. It effectively provides smooth performance and limits cost requirements for telecom infrastructure and enterprise services. It also provides proficient utilization of network assets with ITU G.709 OTN technology and allowing accumulation of multiple service types on a single wavelength.

In addition, it includes support for the entire client interface cards in every chassis form factor to make sparing costs less expensive and ensure continuous operation. In addition, there is also support for optional integrated CWDM and DWDM filters. The chassis types can operate concurrently in a linear, ring, or mesh network. Optical and electrical ROADM functionality can be combined into a single node which adds ROADM benefits to sub-wavelength services without a substantial cost drawback. The Ciena CN 4200 is equipped for any future advancements which make it a solid investment to scale 40G and 100G transmission speeds.

Ciena’s FlexiPort technology is the industry’s first remotely programmable transport to provide on-demand service delivery. IT divisions can trust in having a new and unique way to reduce high network costs, consolidate and streamline operational complications, establish and accomplish Service Level Agreements (SLAs), meet or exceed performance goals, grow management visibility, swiftly adjust to innovative requirements, and provide smooth resiliency with no failure points. Faster provisioning and turn-up of new services across the network will become instantly noticeable.

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