NSN supplying LTE in Israel

downloadCellcom, Israel’s largest mobile operator, has selected Nokia Solutions and Network as their supplier of LTE and LTE Advanced networks. This is a part of the continual global expansion of LTE that operators continue to address.

Cellcom has a growing total of 3.1 million subscribers. With a growing amount of competitors in the region, Cellcom looks to make themselves stand out from the competition with the help of NSN. The completion of the project would be expected to be finished by the end of 2014.

The terms of the agreement have been kept behind closes doors as neither side has disclosed money figures or exact details. However, it can be expected that NSN will provide equipment for upgrading and expanding an LTE presence in Israel. The next steps in the process will come down to regulatory approval and the availability of spectrum.

Ericsson and Huawei might have to start looking over their shoulder. This is just another instance in which NSN has become a bigger player in the global supplier market. NSN has made other deals to provide LTE network equipment during the past year with Russia, UK, China, India, Korea and Indonesia.

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