Nokia Purchases Eden Rock SON to Boost Profits

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nokia edenNokia has just recently agreed to purchase Self-Organizing Networks player Eden Rock Communications in order to better their own SON technology and therefore boost profits.  They have chosen to acquire Eden Rock’s SON technologies because they are notably compatible with Nokia’s pre-existing broadband SON infrastructure.

Right now, SON is growing more than any other network solution in this industry’s market. Nokia saw this as not only a great opportunity to heighten the efficiency of their own equipment and networks, but also help them to expand to both China and India. This will boost their currently low profits.

Self-Organizing Networks are an integral part to the structure of any cellular network. SON allows networks to be configured, and stay organized, in order to provide the best performance possible. When faults occur on the network, SON fixes the issue right away. SON does this by configuring, planning, and maintaining all network activities in order to ensure optimal performance.

In March of this year, Nokia even deployed a new SON technology called iSON Manager at the Mobile World Congress.  Korean wireless operator, KT, tried the system and saw that it was able to lower their LTE network energy consumption by 40%. Nokia believes that by combing Eden Rock’s SON solutions with their own, they will be able to improve efficiency of its mobile broadband network offerings and lower costs.  This will be seen as more appealing to customers worldwide, helping to increase the company’s profitability. If Nokia is able to lower their costs, they will be able to sign more contracts and sell more services.

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