Launch 3 Museum: A Walk Through History

museumLaunch 3 Telecom has seen a strong revolution in wireless technology during the 10 years of our existence. We are proud to display this history at our office in Hackensack with a museum area dedicated to old cell phones, office phones, circuit boards, and other outdated electronics.

It is fascinating to see how communication equipment has evolved over time. Compared to the lightning fast speeds of 4G and the capabilities of smartphones, one would think this equipment was primitive. It creates a great section in the office to reminisce about similar devices that were used in the past.

You can become a part of this growing museum as well by making a contribution. Launch 3 welcomes those with old devices to contact us to donate your equipment to our museum. We would honor your donation with a display that credits you to the specific item. We also will ship your out-of-date electronics to our office free of charge.

Launch 3 Telecom provides new and used wireless equipment that has made our phones function properly in the past and present. If you are interested in AntennasRET Cables, or other equipment used in a cell tower build, contact Launch 3 Telecom at 877-878-9134 or email