Intel Purchases Powerwave Infrastructure Patents

Intel logoIn January of 2014, Powerwave Technologies filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. Since then, Intel has kept an eye on the situation looking for an opportunity. This opening occurred when Intel swept in and made a deal to buy over 1,400 of Powerwave’s registered patents for wireless telecommunications technology processes.

Intel was then able to purchase the patents from them. The Gores Group, an affiliate of a LA-based private equity company, was in possession of Powerwave’s patents after their bankruptcy.

At the end of 2014, Intel was working on creating entirely wireless PCs in order to avoid the use of cable for power and computer accessories. The PCs they planned on deploying needed wireless technologies in order to function without cables. That is where the acquisition of Powerwave’s patents came in. Intel made next-generation Skylake processors to achieve their wireless goals. The microprocessor is capable of using WiGig and 802.11n Wi-Fi and WiDi. With the help of Powerwave’s patents, Intel was able to go wireless with their PCs.

Intel has confidence in the strength that Powerwave can add to their bottom line.These patents included infrastructure technologies like tower mounting amplifiers, antennas, crest factor reduction, and digital pre-distortion circuitry. They have a history of making purchases like this when they acquired wireless infrastructure patents from InterDigital. Intel is now safely equipped with a large amount of mobile infrastructure patents.

Launch 3 Telecom is a global distributor of Powerwave equipment. After their bankruptcy, we purchased a large inventory of their hardware equipment. If interested in buying or selling our wireless technology or services, please contact Launch 3 Telecom at 877-878-9134, or email us at