Ditech Product Profiles

ditechDitech is a leading manufacturer and distributor of telecommunications equipment. Ditech specializes in the development of various kinds of equipment for use in areas such as Internet protocol, satellite, and wireless communications. Ditech also offers solutions for enhancing the quality of voice-based communications. The company also offers services that optimize security and efficiency.

One of Ditech’s primary telecommunications products is part 001-0253-02. This piece of equipment is a quad helco shelf that is used for horizontal connections. It weighs 20 pounds. This component is a fundamental aspect of many telecommunications systems. The 001-0253-02 allows IT specialists to expand systems with numerous connection ports. This telecommunications component is associated with the ESMDEGOERA HECI software, so communicating with the AMT subsystem will be quite simple for most users.

For voice quality improvement efforts, Ditech’s 010-0236-00 is a valuable tool. Also known as the 18E1 Card E1 Echo Caneller Card, this telecommunications component allows IT specialists to optimize a system for long-range telephony efforts. This component ensures that sounds are clearly transmitted between each end of a telephone line.

For high-quality expansion and efficiency, 002-0231-00 is one of Ditech’s most trusted solutions. This top ASSY 1SA shelf can be used to optimize your telecommunications systems for clear communications. It also enables your systems to be adjusted for various purposes. It is compatible with most hardware and software. This component weighs 15 pounds.

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