Cisco Unveiling New Products to Improve Networking Efficiency

Cisco_ASRCisco Systems is a billion dollar multinational company that designs, manufactures, and sells networking equipment. It supports over 15 networking functions through its software defined networking (SDN) portfolio for carriers.

Mobile carriers are focused on using SDN on network elements like firewalls and LTE infrastructure. Many companies are facing the difficulty of managing the growth of mobile devices across several different networks. However, Cisco is saying most operators’ networks are in chaos. For this reason, Cisco is working hard to create products and services to help carriers fix these problems within the virtual element. The company recently announced they will simplify network design by converging wired and wireless networks, cutting down time consuming operational activities for IT organizations. The time IT organizations will gain will help companies improve other products, rather than focusing on these activities that can be avoided.

Two huge companies, Verizon Communications and AT&T, are also joining with Cisco Systems to help make their networks more adaptable through SDN and shift away from older systems. This will reduce costs and distribute new services to customers quicker. Recently, Cisco said within the remainder of the year it will present new hardware and software additions to its product line for SDN. This will support new SDN capabilities across its Nexus Switch Portfolio. Cisco’s unveiling of their new unified access products will converge wired and wireless products to build simple and secure open networks.

The newly introduced Cisco Unified Access network architecture is based on the new Cisco Unified Access Data Plane (UADP). This innovative network will provide higher performance levels and capabilities. The services will now be more consistent for customers in both wire and wireless situations as well ass simplifying these tasks for network administrators. The new networking products are in need to connect more people and to enable IT organizations to manage the constantly changing network demands and innovations.

Cisco is able to proudly state they have about 50 percent market share in wireless infrastructure. Rob Soderbery, Cisco’s senior vice president of enterprise products and solutions, mentioned the company’s carrier and enterprise customers want to engage more with consumers directly on their mobile devices. He says Cisco is working to connect marketing and advertising between customers and consumers, which is already seeing positive results.

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