AT&T Wireless Car Market Growing

volvo-logoAdd Volvo to the newest car manufacturer to bring AT&T wireless service to their vehicles. Cars are quickly becoming a new nesting place for Internet hotspots with Volvo becoming the latest participant.

The benefits of having wireless carrier services from AT&T in Volvo Cars will be improved quality of Internet radio and navigation. Additionally, the utilization of a Single SIM will allow Volvo to control wireless device deployment and operations with cutting-edge diagnostic options and smart alerting capabilities. This contributes to the enhancements for Volvo On Call, which allows drivers to start their car at a distance as well as notify an emergency center if the airbags is deployed.

“We expect Volvo customers will be delighted to have these services on board, and we’re committed to working with Volvo Cars to give their customers a unique and valuable service.” Chris Penrose, senior VP of emerging devices for AT&T Mobility.

Don’t be fooled into believing that this new aspect isn’t significant to car buyers. About 39% of car buyers consider wireless technology to be a top selling point. The desire for more technology is very real. It is a staggering statistic considering it has become more important to buyers than traditional functions of a car such as power and speed which only measured at 14%.

Volvo is falling in line with other high-profile car manufacturers such as Tesla, Audi, and General Motors. The rollout of AT&T’s service in Volvo can be expected for the 2015 edition vehicles. This is becoming the growing trend as it is expected that 20% of all cars made in 2015 will be wirelessly enabled.

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