Adtran Rolls out the NG-PON2

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adtranIn May of 2015, <a href="https://www.launch3telecom acheter viagra”>Adtran announced an industry breakthrough in the delivery of Fiber-to-the-Premise services with the NG-PON2 architecture.  Adtran has successfully used their 10 Gigabit per second wavelength symmetric ITU/FSAN standards-based technology to extend the use of the NG-PON2 services to several years. Residential Fiber-to-the-Premise customers can now use their pre-existing Adtran equipment to also support needed business backhaul as well.

Network operators are looking to provide premium business services on their residential FTTP platform, so they are upgrading to the 10G NG-PON2.  It will allow them to provide the needed services to a wide range of customers over the same network and platform.

The Associate Vice President of Carrier Strategy for Adtran, Robert Conger, stated, “With seemingly infinite demand for broadband from both residential and business customers, service providers are challenged to explore economically viable options that allow them to scale PON networks to support Gigabit service growth.”

Platforms need to be able to support the increasing wavelength that the future is bringing, and this 10G NG-PON2 will allow you to get your money’s worth.  It will support your current network as is, but it also has the capacity to support whatever your network will bring in the years to come.  Through using next-generation Software Defined Networking based management systems, Adtran is supplying a network solution that breaks the economic barriers for service providers.  The Adtran NG-PON2 platform supports 10 Gigabit GPON, TWDM PON, P2P DWDM, 10 Gigabit EPON, and GPON.

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