What is a TMA?

In the Telecommunication world, there is a lot of industry jargon that is typically used. Launch 3 Telecom is having a definition series to help our audience get a thorough understanding of the terminology in telecom to better appreciate and comprehend the world of Telecommunications.


A term often used when talking about cell towers is “TMA” which is actually an abbreviation for Tower Mounted Amplifier. The key purpose of a TMA is to improve uplink signal strength at a cell site. Mobile antennas can then receive weaker signals and increase overall network performance.

Since the transmitter is a mobile phone, they can’t be simply modified to transmit stronger signals. Hence, improving the uplink creates a blend of better coverage and mobile transmitting at less power. The effect of this results in a longer battery life and better connection reliability.

The reality is that the noise figure of a base station is not sufficient to deliver a balanced cell. Filtering is will occasionally be sacrificed because the manufacturer wants the equipment to remain economical and compact. The addition of a TMA will ensure better performance from your base station. There are also a variety of manufacturers that produce these TMAs such as RFS, Andrew and Powerwave.

Additional benefits of the assistance of TMAs result in a higher success rate of call attempts, reduction of dropped calls, growth minutes and data rate usage, a wider range of coverage, and better concentration of capacity. For CDMA networks, downlink-limited sites will benefit great with coverage expansions while uplink-limited sites will benefit in capacity. For LTE, the benefit is stronger in signal-to-noise performance as well as improving data.

Launch 3 Telecom buys and sells TMAs that can be used for your cell site. We have TMAs from manufacturers such as RFS, Andrew and Powerwave. In addition, we offer a variety of cell site services such as installation, maintenance, decommissioning, testing, and repair. For more information about what Launch 3 can provide in regards to TMAs and wireless, contact us at 877-878-9134 or email us at sales@launch3.net.