What is a Monopole Tower?

In the Telecommunication world, there is a lot of industry jargon that is typically used. Launch 3 Telecom is having a definition series to help our audience get a thorough understanding of the terminology in telecom to better appreciate and comprehend the world of Telecommunications.


A monopole tower is probably one of the most common cell towers used to deploy antennas. A cluster of multiple antennas will typically be wrapped around the pole at different height levels. These monopole cell towers are built with one singular tube tower and typically stand in the range of 100 to 200 ft. tall. They are sturdily built to combat potentially harmful weather and environment conditions.

Monopoles are the perfect method for installing broadband, microwave and cellular applications in urban and suburban areas. This type of pole has been primarily used for mobile networks such as 4G LTE, GSM, and UMTS.

One of the benefits to the monopole cell tower is that it is ideal for difficult zoning locations since they are the least invasive and easiest to construct. As far as the space occupied for construction, it can occupy as little as 3 square feet and often does not need zoning approval if the monopole is under 70 ft. Often times, concealment towers are simply a monopole with great camouflage surrounding it. In addition, these towers do not require any high-tension wires or metal frames since it can firmly stand upright on its own.

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