What is 1G Fiber Optic Speed?

1GspeedThere has been a lot of recent news regarding the new 1G fiber optic speed. 1G refers to 1 Gigbit per second Internet access, which is 100 times faster than the Internet connection most Americans have today.  1 Gbps fiber-to-the-home is an ultra-fast fiber optic network that allows customers to upload information as quickly as they can download it. The new network allows users to stream high-definition video content with little to no delays and download movies, songs and TV shows in just seconds. The service also allows the user to use multiple devices at once without sacrificing speed and allows small businesses to thrive by providing work from home with the greatest efficiency and reliability you can get from a home Internet connection. 1 Gbps is far from being ubiquitously available, with recent locations scattered in limited states across the US including Louisiana, Oregon, Nebraska, Arizona, Utah, Texas and Kansas while ISP’s are currently working on more sites. The big companies starting the Gig-U communities nationwide are Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, AT&T, Google and Century Link.

Although 1G is a great idea, entire neighborhoods and cities need to be on board to adopt it in order for it to be profitable to the Internet Service providers. Google provides very cheap to free 1Gbps internet to some areas due to the SmartHome government initiative to provide Internet in low-income areas throughout the United States. However, many other families in the 1Gbps adopted areas have to pay at least $70 a month in order to adopt the new speed. However, adopting 1G is an efficient way to get small businesses on their feet by providing such high speed services. Hopefully the 1G network will start expanding to more areas across the United States giving people of all areas the luxury of lightning- fast Internet speed.

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