VivaCell Lands on Ericsson for IP Equipment

vivacellVivaCell is a prominent telecommunication company in Armenia.  They have decided to enhance their network capabilities, working on a Core Evolution project.  As VivaCell’s data and customer base grows with this new evolutionary project, their IP network needs expansion as well.  They have chosen Ericsson’s IP network equipment to help them reach their desired growth.

Ericsson’s IP network will provide so many features and future development for VivaCell.  This includes making VivaCell-MTS speed up its network and therefore its need for data services, as well as being firmly positioned for when future traffic rises.  Ericsson’s technology will be able to handle and cope with VivaCell’s potential service size, which is expected to greatly increase.  Ericsson is simplifying the IP infrastructure, making it more straightforward to use.  It will also increase the flexibility of broadband network service.

Acquiring Ericsson also brings VivaCell small cell technology, access to packet gateway Internet connections, and full coverage transport from radio base stations.  Moreover, it will also provide triple play services at 2G, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi for network IP transport.  Ericsson’s package includes the SSR 8000 Smart Services Router, which provides 16 Tbps backplane capacity.  This Ericsson router offers expandable signaling architecture, capacity recovery of the product, and its very simple ability to control 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi- networks.

Overall, Ericsson was a great choice for VivaCell’s new IP network equipment.  Efficiency, simplicity, stable growth, and network coverage are all such vital factors for a company to become and remain dominant in the telecommunications industry.  Ericsson was the optimal pick to get VivaCell in that exact position.

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