Verizon’s XLTE Deployment

xlteVerizon Wireless is the leading carrier in the world.  Since 2000, the company has spent around $90 billion on enhancing and building their wireless network within the United States.  Verizon’s 4G LTE network is providing service for over 500 markets across the U.S. as well as almost 100% of the nation’s total population.  This is an extreme achievement and was made possible through the deployment of Verizon’s XLTE network connectivity.  So what is Verizon XLTE?

The new XLTE technology makes use of Verizon’s Advanced Wireless Services spectrum that allows for both cost effective and doubled network capacity.  This technology is used on Verizon’s highly efficient 4G LTE network and brings speed and satisfaction to all subscribers nationwide.  Why will customers love this?

Have you ever been in the center of a major city, or at a packed sports game, or in any high-traffic area where your phone service was low or non-existent?  This is because the network did not have the capacity to sufficiently provide services to the many network users within a small distance of one another.  Verizon’s XLTE technology serves to solve this specific problem.  Since it doubles the 4G LTE high-speed network capacity, subscribers in high-traffic areas will now be capable of successfully posting pictures and videos as well as using applications on all smartphone and tablet devices.

New technological innovations are born everyday and people across the United States, as well as worldwide, are looking to follow these new trends and stay on top of the most recent technologies.  Almost everyone has a smartphone and when there is a ton of people using their devices all at once, it is hard for networks to keep up.  This is where customers seem to get let down.  Verizon, being at the top of the industry, has made sure this no longer happens.  They are ensuring that their new XLTE technology will better network services in over 500 markets in the U.S.  Verizon plans on continuing their expansion of XLTE throughout the rest of this year.

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