Verizon Considers Selling Its Towers

Verizon-WirelessVerizon has recently begun to contemplate whether or not they should sell their wireless cell towers to another company – Crown Castle – for billions of dollars.  If Verizon is capable of selling their towers but still be able to control their network’s expansion, then this deal would be a smart financial move for them.  This idea has become inspired from past agreements AT&T and T-Mobile have made with Crown Castle.

About one year ago, AT&T made an agreement with Crown Castle for $4.85 billion.  This was an offer they could not refuse.  It allowed Crown Castle to lease and sell around 10,000 of AT&T’s cell towers.  The deal also included AT&T’s ability to manage and lease those towers for around 28 years.  The AT&T deal gave Crown Castle their towers, while still being able to operate or lease them as well as gain billions of dollars.  Two years ago T-Mobile also sold around 7,000 of its towers to Crown Castle for $2.4 billion.

Verizon has observed how these deals have played out on other carriers and are now prepared to possibly make the move themselves.  Verizon and Crown Castle will most likely strike up a deal as long as Verizon is still able to grow their network after the selling of their towers.  That is very important to Verizon as a company.

Prices have not yet been discussed, but Verizon has hinted that out of possibly 15,000 towers, 12,500 will be considered for selling/ leasing to Crown Castle, which means they will receive more profit than AT&T and T-Mobile.  This could mean great financial growth for Verizon, setting them up for a more secure future.

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