Top 5 Selling Cell Phones of All Time

1. Nokia 1110: Nokia_1110The Nokia 1110 launched in 2005 and sold approximately 250 million units making it the bestselling phone to date. The 1110 had only 4 MB of storage and no slot to add more memory if desired. The phone featured a monochrome display and 96 X 68 pixel resolution. To compare it modern phones, consider that the Apple iPhone 6 has a 1334 X 750 pixel display.




2. NNokia_3210okia 3210: Launched in 1999 and sold approximately 160 million units. The Nokia 3210 was known for its durability as well as its unmatched battery life. Just last week I put on an old jacket, found my 3210 in the pocket and it still had two bars of battery left! The 3210 weighs 153 grams. The newest galaxy installment (with a display more than 10 times larger) only weighs 138 grams. This is what gave the 3210 its durability. Dropping the 3210 was about as hazardous to the phone as dropping your wallet is to its own leather.


3. Nokia 1200: Launched in 2007 and sold approximately 150 million units. The 1200 was very similar to its early counterparts with a few added features including a flashlight. Users rated the 1200 an 8.8/10.




4. Tied for 4th place are the Nokia 2600 (2004), Nokia 3310 (2000) and Nokia 5230 (2010) all selling around 150 million units.







MOT_Razr5. Motorola RAZR V3: launched in 2004 sold over 130 million units. The RAZR ushered in a new era of phones with its flip style, outer screen and full color display. RAZR could do more to entertain users than just provide them with SNAKE. Along with the ability to make you the coolest teen on the block, the RAZR had internet surfing capabilities (although limited) and a 640 x 480 pixel camera. Remember, there are 1 million pixels in every mega pixel.



To put this all in perspective, the iPhone 4 comes in 12th place after many more Nokias topping out around 60 million units sold.

If you are curious as to why all the bestselling phones on the market are so low tech and why, despite the growth of the cellphone market, the number of sales per model have decreased, consider how many more models are on the market now. Next time you use your phone, take a moment to recognize how far the industry has come within the past ten years.