T-Mobile Closing the Gap Among Competition

T-MobileT-Mobile has taken creative freedom in an attempt to close the gap between itself and other mobile carriers. Since June 23rd, any new T-Mobile customer may be able to try out the network using an I-phone 5s for one week free. None of the other mobile networks have been offering anything close to this so it puts them at an advantage.

In the past, T-Mobile has also been behind its fellow counterparts (AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon).  However, it has improved its service tremendously even stating it will increase LTE bandwidth into 16 cities at some point this year.

Another development made by T-Mobile was that it would not count certain media sharing platforms against a person’s data plan accumulation. This would include such streaming services as Pandora and Spotify.

This could be a huge development for the market since most consumers are looking for plans that give them both unlimited data and texting, while allowing them to use certain services that won’t charge them any data fees. It seems as though T-Mobile is positioning itself for a solid run against some stiff competition through the next couple of months. This makes for an interesting summer in mobile.

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