The Small IoT Gets Bigger

ericsson iotEricsson has just made an agreement with Korea’s SK Telecom to further develop technology for the “Internet of Small Things” (IoT).  They are specifically going to work on deploying “machine-to-machine technology that will enable various wireless and wired systems to communication with each other as well as other devices.

Most people are currently using LTE networks, allowing massive data to move extremely fast. Once the IoT is fully integrated in our world, SKT and Ericsson agreed to create new technology capable of supporting low-speed kilobyte devices that will soon all be connected. Not only will it lower costs of IoT devices, but it will also strengthen pre-existing LTE networks. By getting rid of extra antennas and broadband frequency signals, both SKT and Ericsson will slim down the technology, focusing on the most important and needed functions.

In regards to the future of Small IoT, Per Navinger, The Head of LTE Products at Ericsson, stated, “The network for low-cost and low-powered devices will create new business opportunities, and at the same time, it will improve people’s lifestyle.” Together, these two companies can create technology and systems that will improve small aspects of everyday life.

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