TE Connectivity Opens Wearables Lab

TE_connectivity__Tyco_TE Connectivity Ltd, a worldwide leader in connectivity, recently announced the opening of its TE Wearables Lab in Menlo Park, California. The main focus of the lab will be on wearable technologies throughout consumer, medical, industrial and defense businesses. This lab will serve as a collaboration center for TE’s engineers, scientists and their customers during the entire process.

Shipments of the wearable devices are expected to surpass 19 million units in 2014, three times more than last year’s sales. From there, the worldwide market will be likely to exceed about 111 million units by 2018. The increasing of the units is a key indicator of the market probability and significance for future manufacturing innovation.

One of the first products to be released is a wireless power development kit for wearable devices. For the first time, TE will present a resolution that will address the need for reduction as well as low power requirements for Wearables. Set for a bigger distribution in early 2015, the kit will contain a small 2.5-Watt charger with an integrated magnet in order to have the attachment connect to a wearable device. Also it will have a complete RX coil and electronics for integration. TE engineers miniaturized the electronic system and the coil on order for it to be possible for the wearable designers to swiftly test out their products and develop a customized resolution to meet their design requirements.

Currently, the TE Wearables Lab is being used by start up and middle stage companies, ranging from design to manufacturing as well as integration companies. TE’s capability to collaborate throughout the Wearables ecosystem is one of their main strengths, coupled with extent of products and technologies.

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