Sprint to Move Forward with Network Densification Plan

Sprint-copyAfter receiving approval from SoftBank, Sprint is prepared to begin its large scale network densification program. This program has been developed to create a next generation network that will improve and solidify their network. SoftBank’s support will now allow Sprint to move the process forward.

The Sprint Network Densification Plan will dramatically increase the amount of coverage and capacity through small cells and macrocells. Voice over LTE and Wi-Fi has also been determined as a key component to this process. However, Sprint continues to keep details of this project under wraps as it has yet to disclose how many installs will be done. The speculation has been that they could add and update up to 20,000 cell sites within the year.

“Within our footprint, what we’ll do is make sure that we deliver a consistent and reliable experience. As we look at densification, it’s not simply about building for capacity.” said Sprint CTO Stephen Bye.

The result of this project will be to allow Sprint to improve data speeds and performance throughout their entire network. Sprint is aware that they are chasing the leading carriers of AT&T and Verizon. Despite their position, they are optimistic that this Densification Plan can propel them to the Number 1 or 2 carrier in the nation. You can expect to see Sprint be very active throughout the rest of 2015.

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