Sprint Cutting Down on Employment

JobCuts-304The employment numbers from Sprint will be taking a hit as over 1,400 employees will soon be out of a job. The carrier has announced the closing of customer care call centers and making more cuts in operations at three other locations. Furthermore, 55 retail stores and 150 in-store retail repair centers will also be shut down. The cuts are aimed at helping the wireless carrier regain the $1.6 billion lost in the fourth quarter of 2013.

Ever since the merger with Softbank, there has been a lot of pressure to make the carrier more proficient. Moves like this have only enforced the swirling rumors that have existed in recent months surrounding Sprint and a potential merger with T-Mobile. Although there are a lot of questions about the direction of Sprint, their perspective remains optimistic. Even the large amount of job cuts is being seen as a way of “future-proofing its business model”.

“Reductions come as the result of greater efficiencies that we’ve achieved through simpler pricing plans and improved customer service — which have resulted in fewer calls to customer service — as well as adjusting to changing marketplace dynamics,” said Sprint in its statement.

The largest chunk of employees being laid off will be in customer service while there were also 330 technical consultants eliminated as well. However, Sprint has been cryptic about providing a final total of the number of employees that will be affected.

According to Sprint Spokeswoman Melinda Tiemeyer “the changes at retail are designed to reinforce Sprint’s competitive position in the consumer market. They also move us toward our goal of sharpening our focus on sales execution and increasing sales productivity.”

Ultimately, we will see if these moves are a reason for Sprint to be content or a PR spin. Launch 3 Telecom can provide equipment used by Sprint. If you are interested in AntennasRET Cables, or other equipment used in a cell tower build, contact Launch 3 Telecom at 877-878-9134 or email sales@launch3.net.