Sprint adds 20K Cell Sites

Sprint-copyIn a push to expand their LTE network, Sprint has plans of adding 20,000 new cell sites as well as repurposing many others. Although the total number and timeline has not been finalized, the expansion plan is good news for a carrier that is trying to catch Verizon and AT&T.

Sprint’s network plan will have address a variety of site types from dual-band to tri-band. This is due to Sprint not deploying 2.5 GHz radios and antennas in some rural markets. The company plans to expand its network through macro cell sites as well s small cells.

It also helps that Sprint has about 10,000 former Clearwire towers in their possession. They would add CDMA to nearly 7,000 of those sites that support TD-LTE but do not have CDMA radios.

“This includes significantly densifying our network by increasing the number of sites across all the spectrum bands, including macro and small cells to increase the coverage and capacity of the network,” Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said.

The company currently covers 125 million POPs with 2.5 GHz TD-LTE and plans to expand that network this year. Many think that Sprint is overestimating what it can achieve. However, this signifies how committed they are to growing their LTE service.

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