Sprint Finalizing Rebanding Project

Sprint-copyThe rebanding project that Sprint has taken up in the past several years is nearing its final stages of completion, the company recently said in a statement. The essential mission of the rebanding project was designed shortly after the company’s takeover of Nextel.

There was a major effort made to separate the different networks across the country, especially the LMR (Land Mobile Radio) systems from normal cellular networks. These are specific networks that most first responders use at any given time. The rebanding was mainly due to the iDEN (Integrated Enhanced Digital Network) system that was acquired when Sprint bought up Nextel several years ago.

Even several years ago in a New York Times interview the chief executive of the company, Gary Forsee, had mentioned the move towards this massive multi-year project. “Clearly, the iDEN network performance, as we’ve gone through rebranding and taken capacity out of the markets, puts tension around adding additional capacity to be sure that we support the loyal Nextel customers. To reinvigorate some of our distribution channels implies investment”

Sprint essentially shut down Nextel’s iDEN service in July 2013 and has been reshaping the network for LTE service, which all of the main mobile carriers have now. Sprint says its goal will be to cover at least 150 million of these specific areas with the LTE service. This change may have the effect this mobile giant is particularly looking for.

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