Small Cells and DAS become focus of AT&T advertising

AT&T adAT&T has decided it’s time to emphasize to customers how they have been significantly improving their network with the emergence of small cells and DAS. For the most part, a television audience has never been informed about this type of technology.

This advertising strategy is very telling about the direction that AT&T is moving. Research has shown that customers want to know more about how the network functions and the carrier is willing to share that information. The basic premise of the two new humorous commercials show engineers installing small cell antennas while explaining the benefits.

DAS and Small Cells will become an integral part of AT&T’s plan going forward. The Project Velocity IP will deploy over 10,000 more macro sites, 40,000 small cells, and 1,000 DAS across the nation by the end of 2015. The technology behind small cells will become intriguing for customers because it addresses the issue of signal interference and high capacity demands. AT&T is taking this opportunity to spread the word about bolstering their network capacity and increasing reliability. This will help to assure customers that their service is greatly improved.

This will alter the advertising landscape for AT&T as they move away from the “It’s not complicated” ads that featured round table discussions with little children. It also shifts the focus away from 4G which all major carriers have emphasized in the past. Expect to see a lot of these new commercials spotlighting small cells and DAS during the 2014 NCAA tournament. It will be interesting to see whether other carriers follow AT&T’s lead and the type of results small and DAS awareness will produce.

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