T-Mobile Unveils New Signal Booster

signal boosterT-Mobile has recently revealed to the public their new Cel-Fi 4G LTE CellSpot Signal Booster.  This product essentially brings better signal coverage inside your home.  It is comprised of both a window and coverage unit, which are set up far from one another within the house.  Each unit takes 15 minutes to set up and just a few seconds to connect to the network and then bring outside signals into your home.

This new product comes with the Personal Cellsport branding and is an enhanced and more appealing version of its previous models (the 3G/4G models).  This improved design is seen as attractive to customers because this product is placed in your home and should not be a total eyesore.  Another advantage is the 4G LTE Signal Booster’s slender and compact structure.

The specifics of how this product works are as follows.  In order for this product to run efficiently and do its proper job you need to already have 1-2 bars of LTE coverage available at your home; the more the better.  You also must have a postpaid account.  It is capable of boosting signal coverage up to 3,000 square feet overall provides T-Mobile’s fastest LTE network throughout your home.

T-Mobile’s new product is a response to the customer demand for better signal coverage, specifically in households.  If you ever have to walk through your house looking for the ideal location to make a phone call, this product is catered towards you.  It is geared towards the everyday person looking for convenient and ensured cell service in your home without the worry of a dropped call.  This product will be available in various retail locations this week.

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