San Francisco Looks to Increase Internet Speeds

SF bridge

The city of San Francisco, California is the home of various large technology companies and centers, but other main technology hubs worldwide trump this city’s Internet speeds.  Other nation’s cities reach Internet speeds of 100 megabits per second, whereas San Francisco has an average Internet speed of 36.97 megabits per second. Just within the United States alone, Los Angeles, New York City, and San Jose have faster Internet speeds than San Francisco.  On a larger spectrum, both South Korea and China’s leading cities reach way higher Internet speeds than SF has ever seen.  So why is San Francisco so far behind these other major cities?

SF is lacking the needed network infrastructure to make faster Internet speeds reachable.  Monkeybrains, a local tech company, assumes that in just a couple years, citizens of SF will desire Internet speeds of up to 100 megabits per second.  Residents of the city will have to pay for their future demands because faster speeds are not cheap.  Monkeybrains estimates that each household would have to pay a couple thousand dollars to receive the Internet speeds they desire.  The company plans on delivering these speeds using a two-foot rooftop antenna, given that the location of the house has access to prime service.

Hardware is the answer to all of San Francisco’s Internet problems.  The needed hardware includes copper phone wire for DSLs, coaxial cables, and more.  An easier solution to San Francisco’s snail Internet speeds is private company access to the city’s dark fiber network lying under the streets.  They are currently publically owned, but if private companies allowed access this needed hardware could be installed all throughout the city, increasing speeds tremendously.

The city sent around a petition to make these inaccessible fiber network cables available for private use and it got thousands of signatures.  The citizens of San Francisco all seem to be on the same page; they want faster Internet speeds, and quick.

Monkeybrains would like to install the citywide hardware of fiber networking and have even initiated campaigns for the needed microwave antennas, reaching donations of more than $233,000.  San Francisco clearly has the innovative and driven people needed to get Internet speeds to increase as soon as possible.

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