Super Bowl 2015: Seahawks vs. Patriots or Sprint vs. T-Mobile?

tmo-sprint-merger_large_verge_medium_landscapeMost Americans were watching the Super Bowl this year.  Some watch for the game, some watch for the commercials, and some watch for the half-time performance.  Though all were fully entertaining this year, both Sprint and T-Mobile focused their time on their competitors. Both wireless carriers produced funny Super Bowl commercials meant to attract more business customers.  As a reaction to each other’s commercials, the CEOs of both companies decided it would be a good idea to confront each other using social media.  One can say the drama of the Super Bowl did not end after the last two minutes of the game.

T-Mobile used the societal pull of Kim Kardashian to advertise their “Data Stash” program and Sprint used a donkey to portray how Verizon and AT&T – the current industry leaders – are “asses.”  This coincides with Sprint’s current promotion that includes cutting the bill in half for anyone who switches from Verizon or AT&T to Sprint.  While Sprint’s commercial was humorous, it was also a direct hit to top carriers in the industry, whereas T-Mobile’s was entertaining and grabbed your attention.

Since Sprint and T-Mobile are both fighting to be the third best in the industry, they have a natural competition with one another.  The 2015 Super Bowl fired up their CEOs competitive streak when they had a confrontation over Twitter.  T-Mobile is confident they will be taking the third best spot in the industry this year and Sprint is still fighting.  The Patriots won the Super Bowl, but who will win the T-Mobile vs. Sprint battle of 2015?

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