Andrew Antenna: SBNH-1D4545A


If you are looking for the newest in Smartbeam Antenna technology, the Andrew SBNH-1D4545A is the answer. Launch 3 Telecom is looking to buy or sell this Andrew Antenna.

Some of the major benefits in owning this particular antennas is the ability to use a RET Cable for extending the range of a remote beam. It changes from a single dimension for elevation beam steering to various magnitudes. With the help of the RET capability, the horizontal beamwidth of the antenna is able to be adjusted up to a 45 degree angle. The antenna also includes 4 connector ports at the bottom portion of the unit.

Among other values are coverage, quality, and capacity improvements. The Internal Next Generation Actuator (NGA) removes the need for field installation and defines new standards for reliability.

The electrical specifications of the antenna range from 698-896 MHz and 1710-2180MHz. This creates an ultra wideband capability for LTE cellular technology. It is also capable of supporting PCS 1900, GSM 1800, UMTS 2100, and AWS spectrum.

Many of the companies that still utilize 3G coverage are using antennas like the Andrew SBNH-1D4545A. This SmartBeam antenna can stabilize the load between different cells, leading to an assortment of coverage, interference, and capacity enhancements.

Cell overlap can be controlled in the same way the interference in a network is controlled. The traffic can be shifted more efficiently among individual cells. This leads to improved load balancing and advanced cell utilization, therefore reducing the number of overloaded cells considerably.

Some of the other parts that are compatible with this antenna include the DB380, which is a pipe mounting kit with 2 clamp sets and double nuts. Another part is the DB5083, a downtilt mounting kit with a steel downtilt mounting bracket assembly and associated hardware.

This antenna is built to improve the quality of cellular technology. The Andrew SBNH-1D4545A was built to replace the older model, which is the Andrew DBXCP-4545A-VTM.

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