San Francisco Giants are Champions of Connectivity

AT&T ballparkThe past five years have helped the San Francisco Giants set the standard for excellence in Major League Baseball. Now they are setting the standard for wireless connectivity. Their stadium ranks the highest with more Wi-Fi access points than any other ballpark. In fact, the Cowboy’s AT&T Stadium is the only stadium with more access points.

With a field named after one of the largest carriers in the country, AT&T Park, it’s not surprising how well equipped the ballpark is. In the span of 12 years, the stadium has installed 1,302 hotspots that are sharing a 1-gigabit connection and 185 DAS access points with enough capacity to serve 40,000 people. The team expects an even larger amount of Wi-Fi access points by 2016 so that the total reaches 1,700. Download speeds are up to expectations for performance at 11 megabits per second.

It is estimated that about 30 percent of those attending a baseball game are connecting to the wireless network each game. This amount of infrastructure is vital in keeping a full stadium connected to the internet. The installation of this equipment has been well concealed throughout the concourse. The antennas are painted to blend in with the walls they’re mounted on or placed in small shelters under a fan’s seat.

The San Francisco Giants have been setting a trend in connectivity. They were one of the first ballparks to install DAS in 2009 and they continue to set a standard for optimal network connectivity. Whether using Wi-Fi or cellular, all fans should be able to easily access the internet to share their experience. The stadium continues to bolster the amount of network connections throughout the stadium. It is vital to the whole sporting event experience. Fans want to stay connected and expect their service to remain strong while at the ballpark. This improvement in connectivity demonstrates why the San Francisco Giants continue to be champions on and off the field.

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