San Diego to Bring Wi-Fi to Bus Commuters

busThe San Diego Association of Governments Board of Directors (SANDAG) has just approved a one-year pilot program that will commence late next year.  This program will be testing wireless Internet connection on the San Diego bus routes.  SANDAG has decided to spend $275,000 and cover Wi-Fi on routes 215, 235, and 237.  The bus company has a total of 47 buses, but only 6 will be tested.  Starting in the fall, commuters will get to experience Internet convenience on their ride to and from school or work.

San Diego is working hard to satisfy the citizens’ desire for bus Wi-Fi.  They are not the first city to try this.  Others have tested it out and have found some troubling issues.  One main problem is continuing seamless Internet connection throughout areas that have poor service along the bus route.  This is why SANDAG has just agreed to a test program.  They will try out the technology on 6 buses and survey citizens on their experience with it.  The city is working well with both the Association of Governments Board of Directors, as well as all local residents looking to improve their quality of life as they go about their daily commute.

If the test-runs go well, come 2016 this wireless Internet system could be implemented on all 47 buses.  All people involved in this venture are anxiously awaiting the success of the program.  Wireless Internet on buses will bring major improvements to the city of San Diego, and can one day spread to cities across the world.

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