OfCom changing Repair Protocols across the Pond


The Office of Communications (OfCom) is determined to provide better service for telephone and broadband customers. The government-approved regulatory and competition authority for telecommunication in the UK has set stricter guidelines for telecom companies.

There is a large range of companies that are impacted by the stringent new rules being enforced. While companies such as Sky and TalkTalk are on-board with the new changes, one company in particular is decisively opposed to the new rules. BT Outreach claims that they are put at a disadvantage because “third parties benefit from cheaper wholesale prices than BT Retail.”

The changes in repair protocol will require 80 percent of fault repairs to be processed within two working days. The severity of the damages or natural weather conditions cannot be used as an excuse. Another change is requiring installation to be completed within 12 working days.

BT Outreach is cited a source that led to the Office of Communications intervening. From the previous year, there were concerns over response time due to slow repairs and installations. If these new restrictions are not followed, sanctions may be served to BT.

The perspective on repair response time is relative to the company. While BT thinks these rules are harmful to big companies, other telecom companies feel these still do not meet customer expectation. No matter where you stand on the issue, there will be ample time to adjust to these new rules as they are expected to be implemented by 2016.

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