February’s Manufacturer of the Month: Raycap


Each month, Launch 3 Telecom will spotlight one of our many manufacturers.February’s manufacturer is: Raycap

Raycap was first formed in 1987 as a manufacturer of cutting-edge surge protection products. The company has always taken pride in protecting the valuable equipment that is used in the telecommunications, renewable energy, industrial facility, and transportation industries.

With headquarters in both Greece and Germany, Raycap has grown into a global business with offices and facilities across North America and Europe. Their success breeds from a philosophy of “combining advanced engineering, superior product design, and system integration/manufacturing capability with a deep understanding of the customer’s needs to create unique solutions.”

In the telecom field, Raycap has branched out into both the wireless and fixed-line networks to supply a full range of products for power, copper, fiber optic and telephony networks. Raycap has also maintained lengthy partnerships with significant players in the telecom industry such as Commscope and TE Connectivity. These pacts have allowed Raycap to design and supply the necessary equipment to support local telephone companies, long distance carriers, cellular companies, and private/state networks.

In the wireless field, Raycap covers all aspects of the RF path such as base station antennas, jumpers, RF cables and connectors, installation accessories and microwave antennas. In addition, they provide an avenue for customers to cut the cord from wireline by leveraging the convergence of Wi-Fi and mobile 3G/4G broadband cellular technologies.

Launch 3 Telecom has plenty of positive experience with equipment from Raycap. Some examples of the products we have available from Raycap are DC6-48-60-0-1B-01 which is made to offer strong overvoltage surge protection for DC power circuits located in 3G and 4G radio systems. Another example available at Launch 3 is the DCLT-48-3C which provides protection for DC Power and Signal Circuits.

With almost 3 decades of experience and still going strong, many people in the telecom industry have turned to Raycap to protect their equipment. There remains steady attention given to infrastructure, innovative technologies, and knowledgeable resources.

Launch 3 can be your source for Raycap equipment. We are constantly looking to buy or sell fixed line and wireless network equipment. Please contact us at 877-878-9134 or email sales@launch3.net with the part numbers you are interested in.