Project Fi Makes Google a Carrier

fi_logo_sq_1200Google has been taking a lot of strides over the past few months to establish themselves as carrier. The details of the project and who will be able to utilize the new service has been kept quiet…until now.

One feature of this new plan will be charging customers for only the data they used. This will be a strong selling point for Google among many of their carrier competitors. The fee will only cost $10 per 1 GB or $5 per .5 GB. This is a benefit to users who might utilize data at infrequent paces.

Another feature of Project Fi will be how their MVNO functions. They have formed a relationship with T-Mobile and Sprint for access to their cellular network. Beyond that, Google has located over a million dependable Wi-Fi hotspots.

As expected, Project Fi will give strong support to Google applications such as Hangout. A phone number connected to Project Fi will be in the cloud that allows for your phone to send and receive calls from any of your devices.

The rolling out of Google’s Project Fi will initially be limited to Nexus 6 users and require a unique SIM card. Google has a habit of starting many of their services with invitation access which is how Google+ was initially rolled out. This helps improve future quality for the public by receiving data and feedback in a focused group.

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