Product Profile: Ericsson RBS 6201

RBS6201 picThe Ericsson RBS 6201 is an indoor macro based station and is a member of the RBS 6000 family designed to meet and solve all the increasingly complex issues operators face today. The RBS 6000 series is an environmentally friendly solution that is fit to meet future technologies. One of the RBS’s 6000 key features is that it is very sustainable. This new product line offers many new functions and technologies, along with previous functions and technologies, ensuring sustainable revenues. The RBS 6000 offers a large power supply giving power on demand at any given moment. All the products in this series offer multiple radio technologies providing coverage for GSM, WCDMA and LTE in many different ways. Most importantly, this product design is very simple given its multi-purpose cabinets, high level of integration, and flexible design.

The RBS 6201 provides a simplified design integrating high capacity use in a single cabinet. This product contains two radio shelves, a power supply allowing on demand use, transport and supporting equipment. This product is designed to support virtually any present and future technology, and there is very little risk in the investment decision as capacity can be added. The RBS 6201 holds enough space for an additional 3U of transport equipment and supports many different technologies such as native IP, Ethernet, Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) and PDH/SDH.

The RBS 6201 has a site and network management system that is tightly integrated into the site that goes far beyond the outdated O&M systems. The site’s power control, transport control, and radio network are all managed in a single user interface. Its power supply is used on demand through intelligent algorithms that ensure that the exact amount of power supply needed is given. Bit rate, coverage, and capacity are needed for a successful execution of the product. The product is perfect for both modernization and for the establishment of a new site.

Launch 3 Telecom is a global provider of Ericsson equipment and has the RBS 6201 available in our inventory. We are constantly buying and selling all base station equipment in the RBS 6000 system as well as any equipment that provides GSM and LTE service. For more information, contact us at 877-878-9134 or email