Product Profile: Alcatel-Lucent 9760 Small Cell

MC0_3G_side_F_LAlcatel-Lucent is a manufacturer recognized for offering superior small cell products in the telecom industry. The Alcatel-Lucent 9760 Small Cell  delivers mobile network operators an indiscrete option for large scale deployments in order to effectively meet increasing coverage and capacity demands.

A major benefit to this system is deployment flexibility due to its small and compact design. The capabilities of this system spread 3G and 4G LTE coverage and capacity to public, enterprise, and indoor as well as outdoor locations. This is a luxury for supporting multi-vendor environments, self-optimizing capabilities, cutting-edge interference moderation and smart traffic management. On the whole, this is a cost-effective method for improving 4G LTE technology without the need to build another cell tower.

The end user will benefit from these small cells systems to develop Quality of Experience through 5 bar voice service, better data throughput, and more reliable data connections. Moreover, mobile operators can capitalize on capacity through integration of Wi-Fi access points and reduce installation costs. Additionally, it functions with low power consumption.

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