Verizon and AT&T preparing MetLife Stadium for Super Bowl

super-bowl-preparations-footballThe Super Bowl is a culmination of a long NFL season with the two best teams competing for a championship. Meanwhile, this event has significance for the two best carriers to flex their proverbial muscle too. With 81,000 fans set to attend Super Bowl XLVIII, special upgrades for cell phone service were required to ensure flawless service.

Over the past half year, Verizon and AT&T have been bolstering service capabilities throughout MetLife Stadium in preparation for the big game. Although they have the heaviest presence in the stadium, Sprint and T-Mobile users will be able to receive service as well.

Verizon has quadrupled their 4G LTE capacity within the stadium to handle the surplus of data demands. This addition means that more than 550 hidden antennas are now located throughout the stadium. Verizon also offers an open access Wi-Fi network for users to connect to the internet.

“These devices aren’t just to communicate anymore, they’re infotainment devices,” said Michele White, Verizon Executive Director. “Ideally, we don’t want anyone to sit there and have their session fail or have excessive delays in their sessions.”

Meanwhile, AT&T has performed equivalent upgrades as well as installing more than 200 concealed antennas. Portable cell sites have been located inside and outside the stadium for large-scale service. In addition, they are running more than six miles of cable throughout the MetLife Stadium facility.

MetLife Stadium has already seen a glimpse of the vast amount of data that will be required when Peyton Manning comes to town. When the New York Giants and Denver Broncos faced off earlier in the season, twice as many people connected to Verizon’s 4G LTE broadband internet connection compared to the 2013 Super Bowl.

The high volume of data and voice usage is expected to largely surpass last year’s Super Bowl in New Orleans. However, the carriers are confident that there will be no problems experienced because of the diligent preparations that have been made. This Super Bowl has the potential to have the highest broadband internet use in history. If the 4G LTE upgrades produce unblemished results, there will certainly be more than one winner at the Super Bowl.

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