Product Profile: Nortel Optical Metro 3500

Nortel’s Optical Metro 3500 Multiservice Platform is a DWDM next-generation SONET platform that provides 60 Gbps of capable switch capacity.  This unit constructed to be small, condensed, highly efficient, and cost-effective.  This multi-rate product is mostly used to meet the needs of metro fiber-optic networks, such as storage connectivity services and new-generation optical Ethernet services.  The Optical Metro 3500 will ultimately increase broadband service potential while improving pre-existing metro networks, evolving them with the new and innovative technology created everyday.

nortel 3500This product has endless features that highlight its innovative technology.  The system offers enhanced service flexibility, bandwidth management, security, network versatility, compact packaging, rugged and reliable architecture, fast service delivery, and simplified control and manageability.

The OM3500 has a storage extension that ranges to 1000s of km with combined capabilities including BBC, flow control, and compression.  Without having to overly stack shelves, it can provide service components for high-density service termination of DS1 and Ethernet.  It can support about 1008 protected DS1 per shelf which can help to lower CAPEX/OPEX in the long run.  Using Genetic Framing Protocol (GFP) and Virtual Concatenation (VCAT), it can produce resourceful service mapping. The OM3500 provides universal expansion slots for the addition of DS1, DS3, EC-1/STS-1, storage, Ethernet, OC-3, OC-12, and OC-48 custom services.  Last, but not least, the product uses Resilient Packet Ring technology that includes all native rate and short-term client boundaries in order to professionally take care of Ethernet services.

Overall, this platform offers various features that help it to stand out from others like it and make multiple complex tasks be achieved more quickly and simply.  The Nortel Optical Metro 3500 Multiservice Platform is your go-to product for efficient and superior handling of data services.

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