Product Profile: Aviat Networks WTM 3200

wtm 3200 picAviat Networks is a manufacturer acknowledged for its microwave radio and Ethernet products. One of the newer products available from Aviat Networks is the WTM 3200 which is an innovative outdoor packet radio. This system features a progressive Carrier Ethernet switch and highly scalable microwave transport platform. It also focuses on meeting limited space and power restrictions.

The developments consist of high gain, low power usage, and adaptable modulation ranging from QPSK to 1024 QAM. It supports a full range of licensed frequencies from 6 to 38 GHz that supports 7, 14, 28, 40, 56 MHz channels.

Some of the most significant features utilized in the system are scalable Ethernet capacity as high as 1 Gbit/s. The lower power usage exists well below 35 watts which is beneficial in energy savings. It also offers a lone cable connection with PoE for simple installation and several link structures for 1+0, 1+1 HSB, 2+0 XPIC, Adaptive modulation, XPIC, Radio Link Aggregation and IF Combining for Space Diversity configurations exist for RF optimization.

In continuing with the success of Aviat’s products, this system complements their series of all-indoor and split-mount microwave networking equipment. It will also address other characteristics that customers desire such as advanced traffic management, security and control features. On the whole, the system is leaves no footprint and is constructed with an outdoor housing module made to handle harmful environmental conditions.

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Manufacturer Part Number Title
Aviat Networks W3200-ACC-POE-AC1 POE, Power over Ethernet injector, AC-220V, Power cable NOT included
Aviat Networks W3200-ACC-POE-DC1 POE, Power over Ethernet injector, DC-48V, Power cable NOT included
Aviat Networks W3200-SL-RADIUS WTM 3200 SW License; Support for RADIUS client
Aviat Networks W3200-SL-XPIC WTM 3200 SW License; Support for XPIC
Aviat Networks W3200-SL-SNMS WTM 3200 SW License; Secure management access
Aviat Networks W3200-SL-AM WTM 3200 SW License; Adaptive Modulation
Aviat Networks W3200-SL-400 WTM 3200 SW License; up to 400 Mb/s capacity
Aviat Networks W3200-XX-XXXX-XX WTM 3200, XXGHz, Terminal, TX LOW, 50 Mb/s capacity
Aviat Networks W3200-SL-100 WTM 3200 SW License; up to 100 Mb/s capacity
Aviat Networks W3200-SL-200 WTM 3200 SW License; up to 200 Mb/s capacity
Aviat Networks W3200-SL-500 WTM 3200 SW License; up to 500 Mb/s capacity
Aviat Networks SAP-BWXXA2002745 WARRANTY PLUS IW- ASIA, 27 MONTHS, WTM-3200