December’s Manufacturer of the Month: Powerwave

Each month, Launch 3 Telecom will spotlight one of our many manufacturers.December’s manufacturer is: Powerwave Technologies

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Powerwave Technologies was first introduced to the telecom world in 1985. it was formerly known as Milcom International. The company initially started as a seller of radio frequency power amplifiers to be used in analog wireless networks.

As time went on, the company wanted to explore different avenues of the telecommunication industry. They grew their equipment to support better coverage, capacity and data speed in wireless communications networks. It also developed equipment intended for wireless infrastructure such as antennasbase station and coverage systems. Powerwave’s goal was to maintain an assortment of products to support existing and advancing wireless networks likes 4G WiMAX and LTE systems.

Powerwave grew the company by making some major deals such as acquiring Hewlett-Packard’s RF amplifier business in 1999, which helped build their presence in important single carrier markets. Subsequent acquisitions presented an advantage for Powerwave to touch a different aspect of the telecom industry. Another purchase of Toracomm in 2001 benefitted Powerwave with a broad range of RF, digital signal processing, system design and 2G, 2.5G, and 3G applications. Later acquisitions included Ericsson Amplifier Technologies, which helped give attention to multi-carrier power amplifiers. A year later followed a deal for LGP Allgon, which offered a broader range of products for use in wireless networks worldwide. Acquiring Kaval Wireless increased their product and market reach in the coverage solutions marketplace with emphasis on the public safety and government markets. At their height, Powerwave had locations in 15 different countries.

However in January of 2013, the company revenue slipped to the point where Powerwave was forced to file for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. The indication of a downward spiral started when they announced a restructuring plan designed to reduce manufacturing costs and save money by firing about 60 employees. Not much time later, 120 more employees were let go as well as several offices shut down.  The sales process became the breaking point as they were forced to auction off assets of their business that left them with virtually nothing.

In June, Powerwave was left with no choice but to change the initial file of Chapter 11 to Chapter 7 which ended business operations and required cleaning up the remainder of the wireless equipment company.

Despite the fact that the company is no longer in existence, their products still live on. There is available Powerwave equipment currently being distributed. Launch 3 can be your source for their equipment with exclusive access to this Powerwave inventory. Launch 3 offers a 1 year warranty on all of the Powerwave equipment available and provides support and repair for certain parts. Please contact us at 877-878-9134 or email with the part numbers you are looking for.