What is Optical Fiber?

opticalIn the Telecommunication world, there is a lot of industry jargon that is typically used. Yet, not everybody is fully informed on a deeper level of what certain terms are referring to. Getting a thorough understanding of the terminology provides a better way of comprehending and appreciating the world of Telecommunications.

One such term is “optical fiber” which is often used in by telecommunication industry to reference equipment that sends pulses of light through wiring to communicate. Some of the equipment it is commonly used for is technology that transmits telephone signals, Internet communication, and cable television signals.

The formation of optical signaling involves the use of a transmitter. This allows a signal to be transmitted through the fiber.  By confirming that the signal does not become distorted or weak, the optical signal is received and converted it into an electrical signal.

Due to its flexibility, optical fiber is ideal for bundling into cables. Modern fiber cables can contain up to a thousand fibers in a single cable, with potential bandwidth in the terabytes per second. It makes it easier to transmit messages over a long distance because light travels more efficiently, hence requiring fewer repeaters as well. However, it is just as functional for short distances as it saves space in cable ducts due to its better data capacity than electrical cable. Optical fibers are also naturally strong yet the strength is considerably reduced by microscopic surface flaws that occur during the manufacturing process.

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