NYCT getting some help from Huber Suhner

09subway-650Many commuters have to endure the lack of cell phone service they receive while on the train or subway. A new agreement has been struck between Thales Canada Transportation Solutions and Huber Suhner that will now help to alleviate this problem. Antennas and Cables will be strategically placed on-board subway trains as well as at trackside locations.

In combination with Huber Suhner RF cable assemblies, other specifics of the project would be using Sencity Spot-M Yagi antennas and SPOT-S antennas in order to provide the train-to-track radio network service. The Yagi antennas were chosen because of their ability to provide better quality RF coverage and network reliability.

“Thales is a long-term partner of ours and we already supply the company with antennas, LF and RF cables, and soon fibre optic products,” said Scott Annis, Sales Director of Huber Suhner in North America.

The deployment of this equipment will range from Times Square in Manhattan to Main Street in Flushing, Queens as well as neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The Yagi antennas are ideal for deployment in tunnels and narrow tracks. For the onboard Spot-S antennas, they will be deployed in the front subway car and be linked with access points throughout the rest of the train.

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