NTelos Expands its Western Market Network

ntelosAt the start of February 2015, nTelos decided they should expand their LTE network services to 81,000 of its subscribers in the western Virginia and West Virginia area.  This will not only benefit nTelos’s business, but also Sprint because of the wholesale partnership they have with each other.  Expanding to Roanoke, VA and Charleston, WV is part of the nTelos “4G for ALL” campaign.  This includes bringing LTE coverage to 26 cell sites.  They plan on further expanding LTE connection to around 300 cell sites in 2015.

Bringing LTE to all of these areas is not cheap, but they feel they will greatly benefit from this major deployment in the long run.  NTelos is investing $175 million into improving its pre-existing 3G networks, as well as deploying its 1900 MHz LTE networks in the western Virginia and West Virginia markets.  Selling off their eastern Markets will also allow nTelos to focus more on their Eastern Markets.  Their overall decision to make this expansion was influenced by their deal with Sprint.

Together, nTelos and Sprint have agreed to a deal that began in May of 2014.  This agreement entails nTelos being the exclusive network provider for Sprint in its western Virginia and West Virginia areas.  Not only do Sprint customers have access to nTelos’ LTE connections, but nTelos customers have access to Sprint’s 800 MHz, 1900 MHz, and 2.5 GHz spectrum as well as Sprint’s nationwide LTE network.  Both companies work together to provide each other with the connections needed to satisfy their customers’ demands.

Launch 3 Telecom provides network equipment to carriers and telecommunication companies worldwide in order for them to launch reliable LTE connections throughout their networks.  Sprint is even one of the companies we have provided for.  If interested in expanding your LTE network, please contact Launch 3 Telecom at 877-878-9134, or email us at sales@launch3.net.