Nokia welcomes new CEO

111432nokia_ceoSay hello to the new face of Nokia: Rajeev Suri. This man will be looking to move the company forward in the midst of changes occurring for the company, including a noteworthy deal with Microsoft. With a new leadership change comes a new era for Nokia as they look to take Nokia in a positive direction.

Rajeev Suri has been a part of the company since back in 1995. The appealing aspect of Suri is that he has already shown signs of turning around business through Nokia’s Networks sector. Suri was influential in growing the Nokia Siemens Networks’ Services business revenue from less than a third to nearly half. Suri’s other contributions include a new Services hub in India and controlling the Asia Pacific operations for over 6 months in 2007.

“I am honored to have been asked to take this role, and excited about the possibilities that lie in our future. Nokia, with its deep experience in connecting people and its three strong businesses, is well-positioned to tap new opportunities during this time of technological change.” said Suri about his new role as CEO.

There are certainly some big changes taking place for this company as the mobile division now belongs to Microsoft. The focus shifts to the other core business divisions such as the Here mapping services business, the Nokia Solutions and Networks (NSN) infrastructure division, and the development of new cutting-edge technology.

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