Netflix’s Battle on Verizon

revert-old-netflix-app-new-xbox-360-update.w654Netflix, who pay to bring streaming traffic to internet service providers at a quicker rate, accused Verizon of being unwilling to boost its infrastructure to enhance slow streaming speeds.

They have been claiming for months that some of the major broadband companies are allowing streaming speeds to slow down in order to make Netflix pay them for the faster connection speed. Netflix did reach paid connection deals previously this year with Verizon and Comcast. However, they did so reluctantly; accusing Internet providers of taking advantage of their market power to extract fees.

The battle became heated in early June, when several Netflix subscribers, using Verizon’s network, were seeing pop ups with a message on their screens about slow streaming speeds. This occurred just before Netflix planned to debut season 2 of its popular series “Orange is the New Black.” This especially irritated Netflix even more than they were before.

Verizon did come back to say that Netflix is producing an increasing amount of data consumption on their networks with no help to pay for the infrastructure upgrades needed to supply the content. They also claimed that Netflix could route its traffic more proficiently to prevent congestion, but instead refuse to do so because they don’t want to raise its costs.

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