Cell Tower Mythbusters

Cell_tower_on_Sexton_Mountain_-_Beaverton,_OregonIt’s pretty common for the building of new cell towers to meet some resistance. Local communities often feel there is a danger in having a cell tower presence due to lack of visual appeal or the potential for harmful RF emissions. In reality, there is a lot of distortion surrounding cell tower facts.

As far as cell towers being a visual eyesore, sometimes those concerns can be correct. However, there are ways that cell towers can be made more aesthetically pleasing. Concealment Towers are built to disguise cell towers.  They build these towers to resemble structures like trees, buildings, and flagpoles.

RF emission has been another commonly misunderstood concern. Wireless antennas have a tremendously small amount of frequency aimed directly toward the ground. The biggest culprit of RF emissions is actually the phone, not the cell tower. By holding your mobile phone directly against your head, you can absorb a minimum of 100 times more RF energy than the maximum RF emissions you could absorb by being positioned in close proximity of any DAS or tower-mounted wireless antenna.

Everybody has experienced being in a rural area and having their service continue to go in and out. The scarcity of cell towers will result in poor cell service and become problematic. Therefore, the phone is working harder to find a cell tower which would cause stronger emissions to come from the phone. With more cell towers, this danger of too much RF emissions is actually avoided. Furthermore, this is the reason why a cell phone’s battery dies more rapidly when it’s searching for service.

Buzzwords linked with cell towers are often “RF emission” and “radiation”, however you seldom hear those same words linked with a cell phone despite being closer to the truth. Society has established a perceived notion about cell towers, but perhaps more information about them would modify that perception. At the end of the day, cell towers aren’t as detrimental as public perception would lead you to believe and it is actually beneficial of having one close by.

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